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Quality Car Restoration & Rust Treatment

We place the emphasis on both speed and the quality of our work whilst keeping the price fair. If you prefer to maintain the integrity of your vehicle by using original parts and your budget allows or, we’re able to source genuine factory parts, although with some vehicles this may extend the repair time a little longer.

Car Restoration

If you’re considering restoring a simple car, look no more than Derrimut Smash Repairs. We acknowledge the time and exertion you put into your vehicle, and we share your need to build a vehicle that give back the detailed norms serious collectors set. And in our eyes, allure is more than just skin deep, which is why we’re experts in rust removal and quality welding practices.

We acquiring a notoriety for achievement when it comes to restoring vintage model cars. Original parts are sourced, or ‘made’ to original requirements, to maintain the appearance and value of the vehicle.

Rust Treatment

Cars are prone to rust, particularly those which are not parked in a garage. Repeated uncovering to snow and rain, incursion the paint and pierce it, uncovering the metal. There are different stages of rusting, but as soon as you observe the first symbol, you should make an appointment for car rust treatment.

Once you bring your car to Derrimut Smash Repairs, a specialist is going to scrape off sand and the rust. Our method is superlative for cleaning elements where evading metal fatigue is important, because it removes no metal and cannot cause etching or embrittlement, stress cracks, Yet the process exhaustively de-rusts every pit, crevice and cavity, and releases “frozen” threads.

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